Directors of IVMA

During the launch phase of IVMA Limited, the Institute retained the existing Board of Management and Executive to the Board. As a result of the transition process in the Constitution the composition and number of Directors initially changed at the first AGM held on 30 March 2015 then had the change completed at the AGM on 9 September 2015.

The most recent AGM was held on 12 October 2017 and the current Member Directors who comprise the management team of IVMA are now:

  • Dr Roy Barton, President
  • Michael Ord
  • Colin Davies
  • Mark Neasbey
  • Alan Butler
  • John Bushell
  • Ted Smithies
  • Malcolm Hall

Alan Butler has the role of Secretary IVMA

Committee Chairpersons

  • Governance Committee:                              Alan Butler 
  • Appointments & Accreditation Committee:  David Baguley
  • Education Committee:                                 Mark Neasbey
  • Publications & Events Committee:              John Bushell


Support Team