The Institute’s ACN is: 169 953 306 

The Institute’s ABN remains as: 53 793 864 188

The current IVMA Constitution document is available. Click here to read a copy of the Constitution 


The IVMA Board comprises eight Directors who meet every two months via videoconference, or at other such periods as are necessary and agreed.

The Directors of the Institute drive and manage the Institute with the assistance of the following Committees: 

  • Governance
  • Appointments & Accreditation
  • Education
  • Publications & Events


The Directors and Committee chairpersons are listed as under Key People at IVMA.

IVMA Support

The Institute has no offices and no employees, thus avoiding significant overheads.

The Institute is formally constituted as an ASIC-registered company limited by guarantee, has a clear purpose and identity, and utilises volunteers and outsourced providers to serve its needs.

All volunteers and service providers utilised by IVMA are accountable to the Board of Directors.