Alan Piper - Value and Innovation in Major Projects

Christopher Browne - World Bank Procurement Framework

David Baguley - The Importance of VFM at "The Sharp End"

John Bushell - The Value Chain "Ensuring Value Optimisation Through the Procurement Process"

Jon Whelan - Procurement in Infrastructure and Capital Works 2015

Jonathan Dutton - Case Study: Why Large Projects Blow Out

Luke Curtain - Delivering Value & Efficiency Through Procurement: Tas Irregation

Mark Travers - Procurement in Infrastructure and Capital Works 2015

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Michael Ord - Procurement in Infrastructure and Capital Works 2015

Nigel Chamier - Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Paul Millet - Emerging Delivery Models and Procurement's Role

Roy Barton - Infrastructure and Capital Works: Procurement and Value Optimisation

Sean Sweeney - Atelier Projects

Stephen Hoyne - Stakeholder Management: Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication

David Stevens - Expanding the Methodology through Future techniques

Heinz Luettringhaus - Facilitating the Future - Now

Malcom Hall - Empowering Communities - A South African Experience

Michael Kateifides - Virtual VMs for Small Business Enterprises

Michael Vendenburg - Creating Effective Partnerships utilising Value Management

Ron Sanderson - Business Re-engineering, Organisational Restructuring

Roy Barton & Jim Wilson - Value Management, a Vehicle for Project and Team Learning

Brian Dawson - Partnering, a Facilitators Experience

Brian Farmer - Attitudes, a Critical Factor in the Aust/NZ Value Management Standard 1

Brian Farmer - Attitudes, a Critical Factor in the new Aust/NZ Value Management Standard 2

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David Gates - Value Management - A Catalyst for Change in NSW Health Projects

David Stevens - Attitudes, Standards and Value Management

Declan Tierney - The Transformed Quality Surveyor

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Roy Machen - Value Management Reviewed 

Bob White - The Peeves Analysis in Value Management Studies

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